Lilac Blossom Designs is a residential and commercial interior design and landscaping  company serving Lake County, California. The company has specializes in designs that are clean, elegant, warm, and livable. We work with some of the finest builders in the area, developing relationships with local vendors, and creating unique living and working spaces.

Lilac Blossom Designs is in the business of providing interior design and landscaping expertise, not selling furniture and accessories for profit. Unlike most interior design firms, who purchase items at designer cost and then resell them to clients with a significant markup, we pass our designer discount directly to the customer, so clients enjoy considerable cost savings and are never pressured into buying expensive items.

At Lilac Blossom Designs, design is about more than choosing colors, materials and accessories. It’s about about building friendships, giving clients a better quality of life, and creating unique environments that are simply unforgettable.



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